Americana at Brand

Some 30 artists converged to paint images of American urban life. The newly opened Americana at Brand, allowed us to paint the splendor and vibrancy of this beautiful location. With its classic architecture, bandstand, statues, synchronized fountains, tram, uniformed conductors not to mention the storefronts, shoppers, diners and families who come to enjoy the atmosphere, there was a wealth of subject matter to paint and draw.

Originated by Glendale resident Becky Mate, the second Friday in August is the annual International Art Day, the day dedicated to the appreciation of the arts, artists of all disciplines, art collectors, arts organizations and supporters. For the third consecutive year Glendale has recognized International Art Day, and Glendale is the home of Art Day.

Favorite Subject On Art Day?
Spirit of American Youth

FACTS: Re-creation of the sculpture at the Omaha Beach Memorial in France.

Title: "Spirit of American Youth"

Artist: The original was created in 1949 by American sculptor Donald Harcourt De Lue to commemorate D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy.

Why it was chosen: Developer Rick Caruso believes the piece both honors the history of America and celebrates its future.

Where: De Lue's Polich Tallix Foundry recreated the statue in New York using the original plaster prototype.

Discovered: Childs Gallery, Newbury Street, Boston represents the estate of Donald De Lue. Ms. Stephanie Bond, Childs Gallery vice-president, was kind enough to let me know about Caruso's selection of the Spirit of American Youth. "It was at our gallery where Mr. Caruso discovered the work of Donald De Lue and subsequently the original plaster." Child's Gallery gallery currently houses 61 works of art (drawings and sculpture) by De Lue. They are posted on their website and available for sale. Find out more about Donald De Lue and his work at the Child Gallery.

Height: 18 feet tall
Weight: 2,500 pounds +
Finish: Gilded in 22-carat gold leaf.

DeLue was one of the greatest monumental sculptors in America. In the late 1930s he led the "modernist giant," or "heroic" movement, which magnified the musculature of the body.

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Paint-out: Sunday, August 10th, 2008

International Art Day
Invitational Paintout: Artists Paint The Americana at Brand. Glendale, California.

Thank you to all the participating artists!

In no particular order: Karla Bartholomew, Natalie Crittenden, Paul Chamberlain, Jeanne Bergeron, BJ Lane, Lorraine Ruby, Ian Espinoza, Linda Queally, Alexander Sadoian, Carol Worthey, Trish Kertes, Marsha Ubovich, Walter McNall, John Scavione, Matthew Barnes, Daniel Van, George Scribner, Dick Heimbold, Lynne Fearman, Jose De Juan, Karen Winters, MaryJane Klune, Jim Hames, Chuck Kovacic, Sharon Weaver, Samuel Rojas, Michelle Flournoy, Catherine Hill, Allyson Wong, Dahl Delu, Olavo Multini, Izabella Wardas and Liza Frankiw.



Passer-by stops to check out the proclamation form the Mayor

Painter, Linda Queally


Artist Izabella Wardas, Glendale Arts Association.

Natalie Crittenden

James Hames

Becky Mate, founder of our Art Day informs the public that they too can celebrate the arts.

Alexander Sadoian


Lynne Fearman discusses her unique perspective.

True artist, Trish Kertes, matching shirt and umbrella.

Natalie Crittenden interacting with the public

A picture perfect day

Samuel Rojas