Focus on Gold-athlete painting

I wanted to paint this image as a personal homage to The Athlete. He takes a moment to focus on his next move. He competes. He wants to win.

As an artist I am constantly on the lookout for materials that I haven't tried before. When I saw this metal panel, I stopped in my tracks and was immediately drawn to it.
From the first brush stroke I was hooked, I loved how the paint responded to the surface. This panel is actually bronze; an alloy of zinc and copper made form 99% recycled material.

"Focus on Gold "
Oil on Bronze Panel
12 " x 12 "

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These panels were professionally prepared for the artist; the solid metal surface is laminated to a wooden panel.

After painting it was sealed with professional museum-quality varnish. The metal itself is an organic product which may develop a patina over time. This is a natural process which will only add interest to the piece.