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American Art Collector:
February 2012

Impressions of France :
Segil Fine Art Gallery

Inspired Synergies

Impressions of France

I host a special, uninstructed art retreat twice a year in the south of France. These retreats are one of life's greatest pleasures. It is an honor to share this experience with all types of artists from all round the world.

This is why. After the experience of the first retreat and the indelible difference it made in each artist's life, I was persuaded to repeat these. We remain in contact, and count each other among our dearest friends.

And so, the journey continues, but here's how it started. In September 2010, twelve painters and one sculptor convened in the Poitou region of France. These established and emerging artists traveled from both the East and West coasts of the U.S. and Scotland, to work together in the sun drenched fields and stonewalled villages of rural France. They created distinctly individual works, which together weave a rich tapestry of a region and a season known for classic beauty and enduring charm.

We had two shows resulting from this. The first at the Addison Art Gallery on Cape Cod, MA, and the second at Segil Fine Art Gallery in Monrovia, CA.

A weekend of Impressions of France the Segil Fine Art Gallery

January 20
6:00 to 8:00

Preview Party
By invitation only. (For invites - email here)

Be transported into the French countryside and experience a special preview of the work Impressions of France  by 13 distinctive artists. Have the first look at this nationally recognized show, and meet the artists, several who will have traveled from Cape Cod, MA to recreate the ambience and spirit that fed their souls while in France. These artists continue a heritage of American painters who traveled to France for inspiration, and their creations are exceptional examples of insights found when artists live and work together. You are invited to join us and savor French wines and cheeses while listening to Edith Piaf at this casual gathering. Come surround yourself by paintings and sculptures that have a long tradition and enjoy a guaranteed delightful and inspiring bonne soirée!

Jan 21
5:00 to 7:00

Impressions of France
Opening Reception with Artists, collectors and guests.

January 22
11:00 -1:00

January 22
1:30 - 3:30

Painting en Plein Air
Several of the artist will be demonstrating landscape painting in the Monrovia park, situated in front of the gallery. A casual, question friendly, plein air demonstration with Laura Wambsgans, and several other of the Impressions of France painting group.


Pas de deux: Interpretations of the model in paint and clay
Julie Snyder, painter, and Karen Cope, sculptor will demonstrate simultaneously their unique approaches to creating artwork using a live model. While one artist paints, the other will sculpt with clay to capture the essential mood and gesture of the model. Both artists are energetic in their approaches and the synergy between them is guaranteed to produce an interesting dialog. They will share their inspirations, differences and similarities of how they see and interpret their muse.

June 22
4:00 to 5:00

Panel Discussion
Come share in the recollections and reflections on the nature of creativity and the classic beauty of rural France, as participants discuss the impact of working communally. This diverse, dedicated group of 13 artists embarked on an artistic retreat with unforeseen results. Lively anecdotes provide the back story for the paintings exhibited. Local characters, expansive vistas and colorful markets proved to be fertile grounds for inspiring imagery. A discussion will follow and questions from the audience are encouraged.

This remarkable group of artists include: Karla Bartholomew (Sunland, CA), Joan Brancale (Hingham and Dennis, MA), Vera Champlain (Chatham, MA), Karen Cope (Glendale, CA), Lani Emanuel (Encino, CA), Lynn Gertenbach (Calabasas,CA), Cate Hunter Kashem (Cambridge, MA), Kim Victoria Kettler (Truro, MA), Linda Queally (Glendale, CA), Julie Snyder (Tujunga, CA and Glasgow, Scotland), Iren Tsaturyan (Tujunga, CA), Elizabeth Tucker (La Canada, CA), and Laura Wambsgans (Santa 
Clarita, CA).


Frontenay Sur Dive 2010

Standing Left to Right: Karla Bartholomew, Cate Hunter Kashem, Laura Wambsgans, Lani Emanuel, Kim Victoria Kettler, Karen Cope, Julie Snyder
Seated Left to Right: Iren Tsaturyan, Lynn Gertenbach, Linda Queally, Vera Champlain, Joan Brancale, Elizabeth Tucker

Provence Workshops 2016

• June 19 - 28: Lavender Season
• Spetember 13 - 22: Boutiful Provence.

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