Between Bouts


Artist, Mark Venaglia


Guest enjoying the trinkets.

I dunno, I guess it was this big.

Mark Venaglia ready to perform the amazing "Paper Cup Disappearing Act".

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"Trinkets and Belles"
Artists Reception: Jan 17, 2009
Co Sponsored by
DanielakArt and Segil Fine Art

Danielak, Snyder and Segil
Margaret Danielak owner of DanielakArt, Julie Snyder the artist and Laura Segil of Segil Fine Art Gallery.

Eugenia May Montt, Richard Pina & Elizabeth Tucker


Model, Daniella Traub
Art Model Daniella Traub

Jeff Bartholemew
Jeff Bartholomew


Many friends and Associates, Domy Snyder, Miranda Connolly, Mark Venaglia, Tommy, Linda and Natalie Queally, Robin Cohen, Linda Miller et al.

Glenn and Karen Winters, with art loving friend.

Mary Watts enjoys the show with friends.

Linda Queally with Richard Pina and, Tommy Queally and Linda Miller.

Checking out the editorial on Julie's work in
The American Art Collector
magazine. See the article here.


Julie with her muse, Dominique Snyder who posed for the painting behind her "Flower Child"

Julie with good friends and patron, Cindy Clayton Murnan and Mireya Vinyalonga.

True artist and talented photographer Stefanie Snyder. Her site is here.

Carl Watts enjoying the show.

The amazing Eugenia May Montt with Arthur and Lore Eckelberry.